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Protect 100% of your car’s purchase price

Our GAP Insurance can protect you against the depreciation applied by your full or light casco insurer in case of a total loss or theft of your vehicle

Cancel anytime

Cancel any contract for free as long as it has not yet started. You can also cancel an active contract at anytime - You’ll be eligible for a pro-rata refund of any premium paid

Deferred start date

You can defer the start date of your contract for up to 3 years. This would be useful if your casco insurer guarantees 100% of your vehicle value for a certain period

Coverage up to 5 years

You can protect the GAP up to the fifth anniversary of your car. The contract is concluded for one year and is tacitly renewable.

New & late-model cars

Available for new and used cars that are a maximum of 3 years old, have covered less than 100,000 km at the start date of the coverage and have been bought in the last 6 months of the purchase date of the coverage

How do I get protected?

Click on the link you received in your mailbox to discover our GAP product. You didn’t receive it? Ask your car dealer to contact us.
Fill out the online form, choose your formula and set a start date.
Discover the price of your coverage. You like it? Order it online; it only takes a few minutes.
Proceed to online payment. We accept Bancontact, Mastercard and VISA.
Your electronic contract instantly arrives in your mailbox. Enjoy the ride, you are now Qovered!

Discover your potential financial shortfall

Potential financial shortfall:
Complete your financial data to display the shortfall over the years chart.
What to do in case of a claim?

If there is an event that could result in a total loss claim, you must contact us as soon as possible. Please try and do it digitally!

You can either:
Send us an email to claims@qover.be with all relevant and required documents in the attachment
Go on our website www.qover.be and use the contact form
Call us at (+32) 2 588 25 50

All claims must be notified as soon as reasonably possible and in any event within 30 days of any Total Loss. You must comply with the claims procedure as explained in the General Policy Conditions, the policy schedule and by us. Important: Do not accept a settlement offer from your motor insurer without first contacting the administrator or the claim adjuster. To authorise a claim, please provide us with: • Your personal and vehicle details • The Claim notification statement • A copy of your Light or Full Casco Policy Schedule • In the case of theft, report the incident to the police and provide us the crime reference number Please note that you’ll also need to provide the following pieces at a later stage of the process: • The settlement Proposal Letter of your Light or Full Casco Insurer • The expertise report (if applicable) • The invoice or equivalent proof of purchase for your vehicle

Important information

Having a Light of Full Casco insurance is compulsory. The GAP coverage is not valid without such an insurance
Overinsurance should be avoided. Consider differing the GAP insurance start date if you already have a 100% protection for a specific period of time
The settlement received from the GAP insurance is based on the invoice value of your car. Be aware that discounts you may have received at the purchase of your car might not be available in the future.
The coverage expires when the vehicle reaches 5 years old. We will send you a formal notification. Click here for the full list of exclusions.
In case of a total loss or theft of the vehicle, do not accept any claim payment from your motor insurer before getting our approval
Please carefully read all Terms & Conditions - The GAP insurance is underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicate 5820, AmTrust Syndicates Limited which is registered in England and Wales under company registration number 04434499 - The GAP insurance is a non-life insurance product (branch 16).

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The information given on this website is for information purposes only and is therefore not binding. It is the customer’s responsibility to read fully the General Policy Conditions of our products and to make carefully considered decisions. Qover Insurance contracts are subjected to the Belgian Law.
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